Finanças Pessoais
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        Is your company going through hard times in order to make a profit? With years of experience in various global companies, FTN consultants can certainly help you and your company to obtain the financial results you are looking for. We will evaluate your Administrative and Commercial departments and work together with your team, aiming for excellence.

        Perhaps your commercial department may have to go through changes and improvements and set some goals to re-focus on customer follow-up. Or a better evaluation of your costs may have to be carefully done. No matter what your problem is, it is probably preventing you from achieving your goals and facing the right direction. If that is the case, please contact us.

        By using a simple method based on Excel spreadsheets, we can help you monitor better your personal finances, especially your expenses. By doing that, we can make you improve your monthly savings and/or stop paying interest to the banks. Let us plan together a better future for yourself. Please contact us!


        Fábio Sousa: Chemical Engineer and holder of a MBA (by BSP in cooperation with University of Toronto) with profound experience in large and medium global companies. Has over 20 years’ experience in commercial and administrative areas, including a General Manager position.
E-mail: fabiosousa@ftnconsultoria.com.br

        Mônica Castanha de Sousa: Lawyer with important managing experience, holds an administrative management position. More than 15 years’ experience in the field. .
E-mail: monicacsousa@ftnconsultoria.com.br